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Coalition of Equestrian Organizations

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May 18, 2009
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The NVCEO uses

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Frequently Asked Questions about

  • Why does the NVCEO use Yahoo Groups for email distribution?

Yahoo Groups is a "user maintained" email list.  You, the user, control the email address you want to have your mail sent too and how often you want mail delivered to you.  Yahoo Groups eliminates the need for the NVCEO to maintain an ever changing list of email addresses. 

Also, Yahoo Groups has many features that are helpful to the NVCEO, such as email message archiving, "Database" features, a group "Calendar" with event reminder capability, and a "Files" section to archive official NVCEO document for all registered members to see.  You will find in the files section the minutes from meetings, bylaws, articles of incorporation and more.

  • How do I join the Yahoo Group email lists?

Click on the link above to the NVCEO Yahoo Group.  You will be redirected to the Yahoo Group.  Once at the NVCEO Yahoo Group, click on the button that says "Join this Group".  If you don't have a Yahoo ID (a screen name with Yahoo), the next screen will ask if you are "New to Yahoo".  Click on "Sign up now" to register with Yahoo and obtain your own Yahoo ID screen name.  Once you have registered with Yahoo return to the NVCEO Yahoo Group, sign in with your new Yahoo ID screen name and click on the "Join the Group" button again.

Please note that the NVCEO Yahoo Group is a "restricted group" meaning that you must be the authorized delegate of your equestrian organization to the NVCEO.  Once you apply to Join the Yahoo Group, you will be granted access to the Yahoo Group upon confirmation of your NVCEO affiliation.

  • How do I post an email message to the group?

    Upon confirmation of your affiliation with the NVCEO you will have access to email all members of the NVCEO Yahoo Group by simply sending your email to "".  Your email message will be automatically distributed to all members of the NVCEO Yahoo Group and will also be archived on the NVCEO Yahoo Group website.

  • I joined one of the lists but I am getting too many emails from the list?

When you joined the list you were given a choice to receive "individual emails" for every email that is posted, or a "Daily Digest" which is one email that contains all the day's messages in one concise email.  You may want to change from "individual emails" to "Daily Digest". You can also chose the "No Email" option and just view the messages from the respective Yahoo Group websites.  There is a link to each Yahoo Group websites in the menu on the left side of each page of the NVCEO website. However, so you do not miss any critical information from the NVCEO we highly recommend that you choose the "Individual Emails" option.

  • How do I change between "Individual Emails" - "Daily Digest" or "No Mail" formats?

Go to the Yahoo Group you have subscribed too and sign in with your Yahoo ID.  Once you have signed in, click on the link for "Edit My Membership".  You will find the Edit link near the top of the page on the right side.

  • I am receiving too many emails and I want to unsubscribe.  How do I unsubscribe?

You really don't have to.  You can change your email setting to "No Emails".  By changing to "No Emails" you will no longer get emails from the Yahoo Group, but you still have web access to go back to the group and see the messages you want at the Yahoo Group website.  You also still have access to all the other features of the Yahoo Group, such as the Calendar, List of Links, File Storage, etc.  If you still truly want to unsubscribe, send an email to
Please note that the NVCEO Yahoo Group is the official email distribution for the NVCEO Board of Directors/Delegates.  If you unsubscribe from the group you are eliminating the ability to receive official emails from the NVCEO and you are eliminating access to the NVCEO Yahoo Group.

  • I changed my email address and now I am no longer getting emails from the group

Yahoo Groups is a "user maintained" email list.  When you signed up for your Yahoo ID screen name you told Yahoo what your email address was.  If you change your email address you need to go back and tell Yahoo what your new email address is. 

  1. Go to

  2. Find the "Sign In" button at and log in to Yahoo with your Yahoo ID and Screen name.

  3. After logging in to Yahoo you will see your name is now highlighted as a link.  Click on your name.  You may be asked to verify your Yahoo password.  This will take you to your "Yahoo Account" page.  Here you can change your "primary" email address on file with Yahoo to your new email address. 

  4. After you change your email address with Yahoo you will need to go to the NVCEO Yahoo Group and click on "edit my membership" to update your email address within the group. You should see a drop down menu with your old and new email addresses.  Select the email address that you wish to receive message at.

  • My correct email address is listed with Yahoo and the Yahoo Group, but I am no longer receiving email messages.

Assuming you do not have your email set to "no email", the problem may be with your ISP, your spam filtering or even firewall settings if the problem is on your work pc.  Many companies set up firewalls to block emails from group lists.  Your options would be to use a generic email that you can access from home such as Hotmail, AOL mail, Yahoo Mail or one of the many free email services out there.  Remember if  you change your email that you use you will need to go to Yahoo and update the email address on file with Yahoo.  See the previous item/FAQ for more details.  If you don't have the ability to use a generic email address you can always go to each NVCEO Yahoo Group website page and view, post and search email messages directly at the NVCEO Yahoo Groups websites.

  • Ever since I joined the Yahoo Group I am receiving a lot of spam advertising emails.

When you registered with Yahoo there was a section asking if you wanted to receive emails from their marketing partners. By default, Yahoo checks many of the boxes for these marketing partners.  You may have skipped over this section when you really should have unchecked the boxes.

  • How do I change the Marketing Preferences with Yahoo?

Go to: and click on the link for "How do I edit my marketing preferences"

  • None of this makes sense.  Is there anyone who can help me?

Yes!  Contact Jeff Shoup at or 703-754-4981


Northern Virginia Coalition of Equestrian Organizations, Inc.

P.O. Box 1971

Centreville, VA  20122-1971
Jimmie Jones, President, 804-513-4575 (cell)